Role of Thermo Welding Process in Clothing Industry

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December 3, 2018
Thermowelding equipments

Thermo welding process uses a nozzle to blow heat between two layers of fabric. There are several types of embroideries thermowelding equipments manufacturers offer to make accurate seams for garment production.

A few uses of thermo welding are described below:

Thermo welding for Cloth Manufacturing

Seams and joints are considered as among the essential aspects of manufacturing garments. However, small holes made by a needle can compromise the fabric’s seal and allow air and water to filter through. Through the thermo welding method, it is possible to entirely seam and seals the fabric, finishing them off through usage of the adhesive tape to ensure the material stays waterproof. In line with the conventional ways used by thermowelding equipments manufacturers, thermo-welded seams are now in trend in the fashion industry. The wide range of various films and tapes have opened the world of fashion to new customization possibilities regarding embroidery.

Thermal welding on technical clothes made of synthetic fabrics is a revolution in the professional solution. By using thermo welding equipment, you can get a significantly functional result that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to wear, and has a high mechanical seal. Thermo-welded seams provide much greater strength compared to traditional sewed seams.

In the industry of sportswear, specifically in the field of waterproof garments, the technique of thermo welding has proved to be very useful. It is also possible to reinforce the waterproofing of the fabric.

Embroidery Fashion and Thermo-Welded Decorative Seams

In addition to applications mentioned above as regards to clothing manufacturing, thermo welding is also used in embroidery work. The variety of prints and colors, together with the softness of the tapes typically made of some polyurethane, allows the process to be used both in and outside of clothing. The welding process is not only helpful in reinforcing seal but is also helps in embellishing and decorating each creation.

Thermowelding equipments

Materials for Thermo Welding Process

So, which type of materials are best suited for the thermo welding process? You can use thermo welding between clothes that are:

Tough to stitch; or

Which are too open; or

Too slippery;

Where conventional sewing would not ensure the seal. However, it is critical first to test the material selected to provide their resistance for various welding temperatures.

Also, another aspect is to ensure the options for those who do not like adhesive tapes? In addition to the pre-packed tapes offered in different thicknesses and colors, with adhesive on both sides, manufacturers use a wide range of fabrics and meshes. The clothes include silk and denim for the realization of the thermo-welded embroideries.

Wrap Up

In general, various embroideries done via the thermo welding process needs a laser machine as the first step. Whether it’s bond-in or another embroidery type, thermo welding equipment is required for accurate and clean cutting of the materials.

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